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Phuket Dive Schools – There are dive shops in all of Phuket's tourist areas, with the largest concentration of operators being in Chalong, in the vicinity of the pier, where all the boats leave each morning for the fishing and dive sites.

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Apart from having some of the best dive sites in the world, our tropical climate keeps the crystal clear water at a steady 28 – 31°C all year round. This is an additional bonus in making diving one of the most popular sports in Phuket.

The dive sites around Phuket range between 18 – 30 meters in depth, making them ideally suited for both beginners and experienced divers.

They offer stunning reefs and drop offs, small caverns, a kaleidoscope of reef fish as well as manta rays, leopard and nurse sharks and the occasional whale shark.

Furthermore Ghostpipe fish, Needle fish, Sea Horses, Harlequin shrimp and much more can be found.

Phuket Diving Daytrips Map from Calypso Divers One of the excellent dive schools here in Phuket is Calypso Diving based in Kata, who run a very popular, 7 dive – overnight stay, in a hotel, trip to Phi Phi and also go out as far as Surin Island, Hin Deng and Hin Murgui.

All the dive schools supply all the equipment needed, including air / Nitrox, and underwater cameras, and companies like Sea Bees Diving also have their own specialised boats, 4 for day trips and 2 for overnight trips to the famous Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock.

Another recommended company is Phuket Diving who offer PADI 5 Star National Geographic diving packages suited to novices and experienced divers alike.

Shark Point, Anemone Reef and Racha Islands are all "local" to Chalong and Sea Bees Diving also do a super Sunday trip to the world renowned
Phi Phi Islands, which is a 12 hour trip from 8am to 8pm.

Many of our top hotels will give you the opportunity of trying out a test dive in their swimming pool for those who have never experienced breathing under water and if you enjoy the experience they will then organise the real thing.

Night diving is also very popular as experienced divers see it as a special challenge where the behaviour of the fish changes and different "night" species appear in the glare of your flashlight.

From a safety perspective, in all dives your dive master will monitor your dives, how long, how deep and how many dives in a set period, he/she should also check all the equipment and never take more than 5 students diving simultaneously.

In general the diving standards in Phuket dive schools are very high and all the diving professionals are E.F.R. trained.

Although, thankfully rarely needed, there are two decompression chambers in Phuket, one in Phuket Town and the other in Patong.

Our pal Jesse, with years of diving experience and instructing in these waters, has supplied the underwater photographs for this page and I wish to extend my thanks. Anyone wanting information on diving is welcome to contact Jesse at Calypso Diving.

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Happy Diving in Phuket

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