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Hospitals in Phuket Thailand

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How to avoid Hospitals in Phuket Thailand – The 3 Big Killers

To put things into perspective the three biggest killers in Phuket are,

  1. Motorbikes – These are are by far the biggest killers on the island, more than everything else put together. Anyone can rent a motorbike in Phuket, so most of the accidents that occur are by inexperienced riders who don't know what they are doing.
  2. Drowning – The beaches around Phuket in the low season, although very inviting, have dangerous rip tides. In the high season there are few problems. It is advisable to always take note of the beach warning flags.
  3. Coconuts – Yes, that's the third biggest killer. So always look up before settling down on your sun lounger under a palm tree and also be careful where you park, cars are also regularly damaged.

How to Avoid Hospital in Phuket Thailand

Mosquitoes – can carry Malaria and Dengue Fever. To prevent being bitten ask your pharmacist for a deterrant containing "DEET™" and apply at dawn and dusk, and throughout the day if you are prone to being bitten.

There are a variety of medications available to prevent Malaria, but the only way you can be sure you'll not get Dengue and end up in hospital is to not get bitten.

Sunburn – If you go out in the sun without any sunblock you'll get burnt to a crisp in no time. Use a reputable brand of sun cream and re–apply every 2 hours for best results.
By the way, you still get a tan using sun block but it helps to stop you getting burnt in the process.

Re–hydration Salts – "Dechamp" is our personal favourite and comes in 2 flavours, orange and lemon, and they are readily available all over the island.

These drinks replace the salt your body loses when you sweat and drinking plenty of water alleviates the symptoms of dehydration, lethargy, headaches etc. One packet every morning is a wise move and watch the alcohol intake.

DON'T DRINK THE TAP WATER – You will get sick and end up in hospital. Bottled water is available everywhere, however, it is produced using a desalination process so it only contains H2o and no trace elements.

Because of this, you need to take re–hydration salts or a multi vitamin supliment every day or you will literally run out of energy completely within a couple of weeks.

Cuts and abrasions – should always be attended to immediately as even the smallest wound can easily become infected in the tropics, particularly if you got it from coral.

Treating a cut immediately, and then reapplying Betedine or Solugel (or their equivalent), every 4 hours or so will prevent festering tropical ulcers occurring as the result of a nick.

Electricity – Don't under any circumstances mess about with electrics here or you will avoid hospital in Phuket Thailand altogether and go straight to the morgue!!
Buddha alone knows how the locals make it work and they believe that an earth is something you put plants in!!

Cosmetic Surgery – is very competitively priced in Phuket and is the main money earner for many establishments in Phuket, from private clinics to international hospitals and quieter and more secluded resorts.

Baan Kiki for instance charges between 10/15000 Baht per month for those who wish to take a holiday while recuperating from their surgery. So if you are thinking about cosmetic surgery, Phuket should be on your list of potential places to get it done.

Motorbikes – Avoid hiring one like the plague unless you are an experienced rider and experienced with Thai driving standards.
Motorcycle accidents are by far our biggest killer, and one of the quickest ways to find yourself in hospital in Phuket Thailand.

Snakes – On the whole snakes are more scared of you, and there are very, very few cases of snake bites here in Phuket.

Bird Flu, SARS and Terrorism – Contrary to what the papers say, Phuket has never, at any time, been affected.
Phuket is classified by the UK government the same as southern Thailand, but we are further from the troubled "south" than London is from Belfast, and remember we are also an island, which is a big boost to security.

Aids – AIDS is no more prevalent here than anywhere else. In fact the "girls & boys" are very aware of sexual hygiene and because of the strenuous drug laws, there are few intravenous drug users.

Blood checks are cheap and easy with no social stigma and are regularly used. If you are into sex you are probably safer messing about here than at home. Condoms are readily available in convenience stores.

Hospital in Phuket Thailand + Clinics, Dentists and Health Insurance Companies


  • Phuket/Bangkok International Hospital – 2/1 Hongyok Utis Rd, Muang, Phuket +66 (0)76 254425
  • Mission Hospital – 4/1 Thepkrasattri Rd. Rasada, Mutang Phuket +66 (0)76 237220–6
  • Patong Hospital – Sawatdirak Rd. Patong, A Kathu, Phuket +66 (0)76 342633–4
  • Phuket International Hospital – 44 Chalermprakiat Road, Phuket 83000 +66 (0)76 249400 Fax +66 (0)76 210936
  • Thalang (Government) Hospital – Thepkrasattri Rd. A. Thalang, Phuket +66 (0)76 311111 +66 (0)76 311033–4 –
  • Vachira (Public Health) Hospital – 353 Yaowaraj Road, Taladyai, Muang, Phuket +66 (0)76 36–1234 Fax +66 (0)76 211155


  • Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Clinic – (08)972 4445, (08)164 23649, (66) 76 236844
  • Wattana International Clinic – 78/7 Thaweewong Road, Patong, Phuket +66 (0)76 34690,341344 Fax +66 (0)76 341178
  • Phuket Plastic Surgery Center – 371/81 Yaowaraj Road, Muang, Phuket +66 (0)76 221631, 254764 Fax +66 (0)76 254765 www.phuket– info@phuket–

Dental Clinics

  • Phuket Dental Care Clinic – 62/5 Rasada Road, Phuket +66 (0)76 215025 Fax +66 (0)76 223500– info@dentist–
  • Phuket Family Dental Clinic – 7/42 Chaofa Road, Phuket Town +66 (0)76 246094 Fax +66 (0)76 221918
  • Promjai Dental Clinic – 108/109-110 Charoemprakiat Rd.,Rassada, Muang, Phuket +66 (0)76 261836–7
  • Promjai Dental Clinic – 5/4 Sawatdirat Road 2nd Floor +66 (0)76 345341–2
  • Sea Smile Dental Clinic – 189/18 Rat-U-Tit Road, Patong, Beach, Phuket

Health Insurance

  • Axa Insurance Co Ltd – 74/29–30 Phoonpol Road, A. Muang Phuket 076 246406/8 Fax 076 2464089–871 axapk@axa–
  • Bangkok Life Assurance – 3/1 Moo 3, Thepkrasattri Road, T Rasada, A Muang, Phuket – 076 236810–17 Fax 076 236818
  • BUPA Health Insurance – 156/15 Phang-Nga Road, Phuket Town, Phuket 076 355815 – 355816–8 Fax 076 355814
  • Commercial Union Insurance – 22/9–10 Mae Luan Road, Phuket Town, Phuket 076 235400/1
  • Finansa Life Assurance – 7/3 Suthat Road, Phuket Town, Phuket 076 211240
  • Montpelier Group – The Boat Lagoon 22/1 Moo 2, Thepkrasatri Road, Phuket 238021 Fax 026615190

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