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Taxi's in Phuket Thailand - Advice & Information

Taxi's, there are basically 4 types of taxi service in Phuket, firstly the infamous "Motorbike Taxi" which is ideal for getting around places like Patong where parking is extremely difficult, especially in the high season.

A year or so ago 30 Baht would take you on a life threatening joyride anywhere in Patong but now it seems to be around 80 Baht, or as much as they can twist your arm for.

The big conveniance factor with the motorbike taxi is that providing you are travelling light, they are available almost everywhere and at any time of the day and can be simply hailed from the roadside, with out the need to find a taxi rank.

Metered Taxi's seem to be the best of the bunch with airport transfers to anywhere on the island costing around 600 /700 Baht maximum, most of the drivers speak some English and are quite helpful, but as with everything else there will always be a few rogues.

Airport Limousine Taxi's have gained a "not so good" reputation, although the cars are of a better quality today than they have ever been, their prices vary considerably and it is a relatively common for the fare paying passengers to arrive at their destinations a little shakey after a reasonably fast paced journey because the driver wants to get back to the taxi rank asap so he can pick up his next fare!

Last but not least are the notorious "Tuk-Tuks", most drivers are friendly and helpful but as the system seems to be self regulating, there are no rules and prices vary dramatically. There have been quite a few concerned reports about tuk-tuk drivers recently, mainly involving serious over charging.

It is therefore highly recomended that when choosing this means of getting to your destination, negotiate the price with the driver before setting off, this will avoid any "misunderstanding" on arrival.

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