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Phuket General Information - Useful Numbers & Places

Here is a list of phone numbers and places in Phuket that we hope you will find of use:

Emergency Services:
Tourist Assistance – 076 211 036
Fire – 199
Police – 191
Marine Police – 076 215 438
Tourist Police – 1155
Hyperbaric Services – 09 871 2335
Harbor master – 076 391-174
Customs – 076 211 105
Diving recompression chambers – 076 342 518

Phuket Hospitals:
Bangkok Phuket Hospital – 076 254 421/9
Patong Hospital – 076 344 225
Phuket International Hospital – 076 249 400
P.I.H Ambulance Service – 076 210 935
Vachira Hospital, Phuket Town – 076 211 114
Check here for more detailed information regarding Hospitals and Clinics in Phuket.

DID Numbers from Phuket:
Laos – 007 + 856 + AC
Malaysia – 09 + 06 + AC
Other countries – 001 + CC + AC
Phuket Area Code – 076
Country Code – +66
Operator – 100
Directory Inquiries–Local – 1133 or 183
International Inquiries – 100

Lost or Stolen Credit cards:
American Express: (02) 273-0022, 273-0044 (24 Hours.)
Diners Club / Citicorp: (02) 238-3600 (24 Hours.)
Mastercard Center: 001-800-11-887-0663,
Visa Center: (02) 256-7324-9 (24 Hours.)

Shopping Malls:
Central Festival: 74-75 Wichitsongkran Rd., Phuket Town.
Jungceylon: Rat–U–Thit Rd., Patong.
Ocean Department Store: Thaweewong Rd., Patong.
Ocean Plaza: Soi Bangla, Patong.
Ocean Shopping Mall: Tilok–U–Thit Rd., Phuket Town.
Robinsons: Tilok–U–Thit Rd., Phuket Town.
Phuket Shopping Center: Rasada Rd., Phuket Town.
Wang Talang: 13/1 Vichitsonkran Rd., T.Vichit.

Bank Holidays:
1st January: New Years Day.
26th January: Chinese New Year.
13th April: Start of Sonkran.
1st May: Labour Day.
12th August: Queen's Birthday and Mothers Day.
10th August: End of Buddhist Lent.
5th December: King's Birthday and Fathers Day.
25th December: Christmas Day.

General Info:
Known as The Pearl of the Andaman.
Currency: The Thai Baht
Location: 8 deg North of the Equator, on the Andaman Sea Coast in the Indian Ocean, 862 kilometers south of Bangkok.
Population: 314,000 registered but estimated to be 500,000 across the island during peak periods.
Nationalities: Thai – 71%, Malays – 24% and Chao Leh (Sea Gypsies) – 5%.
Language: Thai, English is also widely spoken.
Area: 570 sq miles / 1477 sq km.
Economy: Tourism, Rubber, Palm Oil.
Land Measures: 1 Rai = 1600 Sq.m. = 4 Ngan.
1 Ngan = 400 Sq.m. = 100 Talang Wah.
1 Wah = 4 Sq.m.
1 Acre = 2.53 Rai.
1 Hectare = 6.25 Rai.
Health Risks: No major threats.
Time: GMT + 7
Electricity: 220–240V 50hz.
Driving: Drive on the left.
Public Transport: Limo's, Taxis, Buses, no train service.

A Very Brief History:
Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand and it's name is supposedly derived from the Malay word "Bukit" which means hill or mountain. It was previously known as "Thalang", derived from another Malay word "Telong", meaning cape. The northern district of the island still uses the name today.
During the 17th century, the Dutch, English and the French were all competing for trade with the island, which was then known as "Junk Ceylon" (the name has been re–kindled, being used as the name for the new huge shopping mall in Patong called "Jung Ceylon").
After numerous attempts by the Europeans to control the islands during this period, the Burmese decided to give it a try in the 18th century. As the Burmese were preparing to attack, they were observed by Captain Francis Light of the British East india Company. (Please click on the name to read more on Capt. Light.)
He sent word to the local administration of the planned attack and the news reached "Khunying Jan", the wife of the recently deceased govenor, and her sister "Mook". They assembled all available resources and after a month long siege, forced the Burmese to retreat.
The two women became local heroines for their actions and today, a monument to them stands in Thalang on the main road from the north to the south of the island.
Today the mainstay of the economy is tourism which is also catered for by the massive increase in land and building development.

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