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Phuket Homes in Kamala - Overview

Phuket Homes in Kamala - 10 to 15 minutes north of Patong is Kamala Beach.

Kamala is a predominantly Muslim village, which means there are very few dogs, which can be a severe nuisance on the rest of the island, especially for motorcyclists.

There is also a large community of ex-pats staying in Kamala, mostly in long term rental villas of which there are many.

The Kamala Falls development fits the bill perfectly for this market being a luxury residential resort offering a wide variety of condos' and villas to cater for all tastes and requirements.

It is also home to Fantasea Asia one of Phuket's (and Asia's) biggest tourist attractions, and a night out there should not be missed.

Kamala is not as up market as its neighbour Surin to the north, but it definitely has a charm of its own, retaining the small village atmosphere and apart from the main road, a cosy sort of place.

Kamala took the full force of the tsunami and was seriously damaged because the beautiful beach is very shallow for a long way out to sea and this allowed the wave to build and gather strength.

Everything on the beachfront was destroyed including the local school.

As one local said afterwards, "If it had to happen it couldn't have happened at a better time".

The time and date saved many lives as most of our friends were in bed nursing a Christmas hangover and the school was on holiday.

Kamala beach is now back to its old self and arguably better.

The new main road now bypasses the beach, so many tend to speed through Kamala without even seeing the beach and the many improvements along the beachfront.

In Kamala there are plenty of small family hotels catering for families and the regular visitors who come to Phuket year after year.

Kamala also has the only lawn bowls club on the island and is a popular way to idle away a lazy Sunday afternoon with friends.

With the exception of the Aquamarine Resort and Villa 1.5 km outside of town (which specialises in weddings, honeymoons, meetings and functions), there are only a few hotels in the area.

These are mostly mid range and family orientated, as this semi-sleepy backwater is ideal for children and the quiet life.

You can view our Kamala property listings here.

Phuket Homes in Kamala - Current Developments

On the outskirts of town, turning right before you go up the hill towards Patong, on the same road as Aquamarine, there are a number of developments under construction.

All of these new Phuket homes in Kamala appear to be up market condos and a few astounding private houses belonging to some of the worlds superstars where the view alone is worth a million dollars.

Here you can smell money in the air and what once was an inaccessible peninsular guarding the northern tip of Patong bay is now becoming a playground for the rich and famous.

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