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Phuket Real Estate in Nai Harn – Availability And Cost

Phuket Real Estate in Nai Harn – Overview

Real estate in Nai Harn now becoming highly sought aftereven though it is literally a dot on the Phuket map.

It can't even really be called a village, however, it does lay claim to having one of the finest beaches on the island, arguably the best.

Clear water and beautiful sand with a small forest as a backdrop, this place is seriously recommended for a day out at the beach.

Although, like most of Phuket's beaches, swimming in the low season can be hazardous.

Phuket Real Estate in Nai Harn - Royal Meridian

Nai Harn beach is dominated by the up market Royal Meridian Yacht Club Hotel and there are a dozen or so excellent beach restaurants, tourist shops, a car park and a mobile bank.

Behind the beach at the southern end, there is a large lake and the road around it is popular with the jogging and cycling fraternity as well as fresh water fishermen.

The Royal Meridian will probably not like us telling you that they built their hotel over the only public road to Baan Kraating Resort and a lovely little beach called "Ao Sane".

Baan Kraating Resort has a small beach bar / restaurant and excellent snorkelling on the coral reef only a few meters from the beach and bar.

You're quite entitled to drive straight through the Royal Meridian and out the other side.

Don't be intimidated by the guard, he can't legally stop you, you're on a public road and for those who wish to get away from it all and like their beaches quiet and relaxed, Ao Sane is seriously recommended.

It is at this beach you will also find the appropriately named "Ao Sane" bar and restaurant, it is located directly on the beach and is a great place for a relaxing time, enjoying good food and an ice cold drink.

Phuket Real Estate Nai Harn – Villas

Moving inland from the beach and lake, there are many well–appointed villas.

These range in price from 5–6 million for a 2 bed and 7–8 million for 2 bed and pool.

3 bed and pool comes in at around 9–9.5 million baht, and there are plenty to choose from, with more on the drawing board.
Phuket Real Estate in Nai Harn – Resorts

There are also some amazing resorts, like the beautiful Thai styled Puravarna which can only be described as the ultimate in luxury.

Prices here range from 11 million to 87 million Baht, built in two phases.

Phase 1 consists of 35 freehold villas and phase 2 will have 250 villa–suite condos.

Phuket Real Estate in Nai Harn – Apartments

Apartments / condominiums are not as popular in this area as villas.

We are only aware of two.

One nice one overlooks the lake and has 2 bedrooms flats from around 7.5 million baht.

The second is further inland and has 1, 2 & 3 bedroom flats, prices starting at 2.7 million baht.

Most of the properties here are sold and rented privately or through estate agents located outside Nai Harn, such as Siam Real Estate based in Rawai, or the local Phuket Premier Property Group.

Nai Harn should have your serious consideration if you want a quiet village atmosphere, since it truly is a beautiful, up market, geographical area.

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