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Phuket Property in Cape Panwa – Overview

Phuket Property in Panwa – Across from Chalong Bay looking east is Cape Panwa, a picturesque peninsula guarded at its top end by Phuket Town.

Few tourists visit this area because it is slighty off the beaten track and in peak periods they have to contend with Phuket Town's infamous traffic to get there.

One of the main attractions, when you eventually find the road to The Cape, is The Phuket Aquarium. this is definitely a place to visit and will give you a valuable insight into the creatures and wild life that inhabit the seas in this part of the world.

Makham Bay on the east coast of the cape is where you will find Phuket's deep water port and is also a favorite R & R anchorage for the American Navy when on manouvers.

This too can be a mini attraction, especially when the big stuff arrives.

There is a spectacular view from Cape Panwa especially from the well sign posted "viewpoint", where you can look north to Racha Yai and Noi islands (Yai = large / Noi = small) and south over the Andaman Sea and west across Chalong Bay.

Once you clear the chaotic Phuket traffic you'll really enjoy driving on the quiet roads of Cape Panwa.

It's such a contrast from the tourist areas where you need to have eyes in the back of your head to feel you are driving safely.

Here you can meander and soak up the atmosphere, park just about anywhere and happily get lost in your thoughts.

This area has a completely different feel about it, as though it has geographically been "cut off" from the rest of the island.

It has only a few small beaches which are rarely busy and is mostly occupied by well heeled business people from the islands capital, giving it the feel of an up–market suburb.

Most resort hotels on the island are designed, due to the huge influx of tourists, to give the illusion of tropical seclusion, but here, in this sleepy backwater, the designers have had no such problems.

There are a few reasonably priced developments here, such as Panwa Bel Air, who have property prices starting at around 4 million Baht.

Most of the developments however target executive clients.

There are some very up–market houses hidden among the rubber plantations and coconut groves that cover this beautiful part of the island. So if proximity to town and quiet oppulent seclusion are high on your list, Cape Panwa deserves a look.

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