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Phuket Property in Patong – Overview

Phuket property in Patong – Patong Beach is the tourist hub of the beautiful island of Phuket.

Patong Beach Phuket Looking South It's where the tourism boom all started because of the orientation of the bay, which means the beach is still relatively safe for swimming even in the off–season.

Consequently, it's never really quiet in Patong.

Patong is famous, or infamous, for its night life. There are 1000's of discos, pubs and more dubious forms of entertainment all centered around the Bangla Road area where only the broadest of broad minded should venture.

Because of the night life focus, many tourists arrive in Patong and see nothing else of paradise, not even the sun!

Patong boasts the highest concentration of hotels and guest houses on the island to cope with the enormous amount of high season tourists and is often booked to capacity.

So book early for Christmas, if your planning to use that time to search for properties in Patong, which by the way, is an excellent location if you are looking to rent the property after purchasing.

Phuket Property in Patong

Phuket Property in Patong ranges from low–end Thai run bed–sits to 5 star luxury penthouses.

Rents vary dramatically between high and low season, but you can always get good value for money especially if you venture away from the Soi Bangla area and the beach.

There are not as many new build villas in Patong as one would expect.

This is due to the fact that most of the available land has been taken up by hotel, condominium and entertainment complexes.

That being said there are still many established villas available through agents such as Tropical Properties.

Phuket Property in Patong – Villas

Patong Bay Phuket From Kamala Headland One of the few new estates however, has at this time (December 2007), 5 new villas remaining in the Aroonpat Estate which is situated off Nanai Rd.

They are in the heart of Patong, close to all amenities, two fresh markets and the huge Jungceylon shopping mall.

The villas are all 3 bed/bath with gardens, pool and 2 parking areas.

The living areas are a minimum of 145m2 and total land area is a minimum of 216m2.

When we first found this estate a year ago (December 2006), the villas were priced from 6.69 million Baht.

This has already increased to 7.78 million Baht, so if you are interested, you should check availability post haste.

Phuket Property in Patong – Vacation Ownership

If you are not an "ex–pat" but would still like the convenience of having a property at your disposal for whenever you have time to take that all important break, The alternative option to buying a property outright, is of course vacation ownership.

This method of ownership means that you can have a residence that is available to you for the periods of time that fit your itinerary without the concerns of maintenance or security while you are away as this is all part of a management package.

Possibly the most experienced company to help and advise you with this ticket to paradise is Club Absolute, who cater specifically for the vacation ownership sector and they are almost certain to have a property option available to suit your requirements.

Phuket Property in Patong – Hasip Pee Rd

On a quiet hill overlooking Patong, lies Hasip Pee Rd (50 Year Rd), where there are a few new developments.

Royal Bayview Villas offer 4, 3bed/4bath villas with parking space and private pool priced at 15.5 million Baht.

If you want to be well away from the hustle and bustle, this is definitely the area to be in but you would need your own transport since it's a monstrous walk up the hill and no taxi's venture up here looking for business....Great views though!

Phuket Property in Patong – Condominiums

Condo's on the other hand are a completely different matter, there are literally hundreds on the market in Patong.

Condo's are governed by a law called the Condominium Juristic Act. This means foreigners (farangs), are only allowed to own 49% of the units in a given property.

The remaining being sold on a leasehold basis. This used to be a 90 year deal but the powers that be, in their wisdom, decided to make things more complicated.

Now you are most likely to be offered a 30 year lease with 2 x 30 year renewals, so basically it's "same – same" but different!

Phuket Property in Patong – Apartments

The ocean view apartments at Patong View Talay are situated on the hillside off Phrabaramee Road and consist of 14 apartments which range from 1 – 3 bed units with living spaces between 76 and 270m2.

These start at 100,000 Euros up to 450,000 Euro's for the penthouses.

The project is almost complete with 12 units remaining for sale.

Another new build project is Patong Harbour View which lies 2.5 kms from Patong beach.

There are plenty of "tuk–tuk" and motorcycle taxi's available, so access is not a problem.

At present there are 3 x 105m2 1 bed corner units available from 6.7 million Baht and 1 x 158m2 2 bed corner unit for 9.9 million Bhat, all with a Jacuzzi.

All units have access to high speed internet, telephone connections and satellite television.

The complex also boasts a gym, BBQ, spa and massage areas close by the pool which has a beautiful waterfall as its backdrop.

The Crest is currently under construction on what locals call Patong Hill. This is the only main road to and from Phuket Town.

The complex comprises 2 bed duplexes and 2 bed condo's with 110 to 122m2 living space.

The rooftop condo's have an additional 103m2 of rooftop garden. The complex has a large pool as it's centrepiece.

Access to the complex however, is on the most dangerous road on the island.

A friend was shown a rental property on the opposite side of this road, an absolute bargain at 10,000 Baht a month for a superb 1 bed apartment with all amenities.

He declined, as he knew he would be taking his life in his hands each time he entered/exited onto the main road.

So, as you can see, Phuket property in Patong is extensive and also has quite a bit of variety on offer.

You can view our Patong property listings here.

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