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Phuket Homes in Rawai – Is Rawai Right For You?

Phuket Homes in Rawai – Overview

Phuket homes in Rawai have attracted a lot of development interest since the clean up of Rawai's promenade after the tsunami at the end of 2004.

Over the past few years, this laid back little township has seen new apartments, villas and condos spring up all over the place.

However, as yet, this hasn't changed the character of the place which, from a Thai point of view, survives mainly on the numerous sea front restaurants and small boat–taxi ferry businesses that operates from Rawai beach.

Rawai also has a large brand new pier and the sea views over to Coral and Bon islands make Rawai a laid back and peaceful place, until dark when the beach front bars and restaurants go into full swing.

Apart from the laid back atmosphere, Rawai is also very close to Nai Harn, and the road from Rawai to Nai Harn has some beautiful properties in a rainforest setting serviced by boutique shops, good restuarants, delicatessens and generally good infrastructure all round.

5 years ago, one Rai of land in Rawai sold for around 1 million Baht, and today that same land will set you back around 6 million Baht.

Sea–view land goes for around 10–12 million Baht, and if you can find one Rai of good land with decent infrastructure to build, it will cost over 25 million Baht.

That said, property in Rawai is still good value by Phuket standards and you can expect prices to continue to rise in the area.

Rawai Properties For Sale

We have a selection of properties in Rawai that are currently for sale.

If you would like to view any of these homes or, have any particular requests that we can assist you with regarding property in Rawai, please contact us here for advice or, to arrange an inspection.

We also have other Rawai properties in addition to the properties listed on this page, so we can organise an inspection of a wide range of properties within your budget for you.

You can view our Rawai property listings here.

Rawai Sports Club

A sports club with just about the widest spectrum of activities, in our view, is
Phuket Sports and Tennis Club. To mention just a few of them, they have Beach Volleyball, Tennis, Petanque, Archery, Badminton, Croquet, Pool, Darts etc. available for members and non-members.

With quality in mind, the tennis court, for example, is designed and constructed to meet all International standards and the pool table is one of the few genuine Brunswick pool tables to be found in Phuket.

The club is located just 1.5 kilometres from Chalong Circle, on the road to Rawai.

Their website can be viewed and bookings made here at

Not To Be Forgotten In Rawai

There is one particular aspect of Rawai that should be mentioned here, the Sea Gypsies.
In Thai, they are known as "Chao Le", which in the Thai language is derived from "Chao" meaning People, and "Le" meaning Sea (abbreviated from Taa–le).

You will find their village located on the sea front to the left of the new pier in Rawai.

They have a daily market where they sell a selection of fish and shellfish (their main source of income) that has been caught that day, you won't find sea food fresher than this!

They are also an intrinsic key to the character of the area. We have a more detailed overview on the Sea Gypsies here for your further perusal.

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