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Vacation Ownership – how it works

Vacation ownership quite simply takes the hassle out of any second home ownership, allowing a purchaser simply to buy one, two or more weeks, or a month perhaps, of a time in a particular apartment or hotel room, to use as the basis of your future vacations.

The difference is the price paid for those holidays are frozen at todays prices, not increasing each year as they go up annually at least by inflation and why own more than you need simply purchase just the amount of time one needs.

Make a one–time purchase of a fully furnished and serviced resort apartment, of course at a fraction of the unit price, and pay a once a year annual management fee to contribute towards the general upkeep and maintenance of the unit and a share in the overall management costs, all pro rata to the amount of time actually owned.

Each apartment within a timeshare resort is divided into parts called intervals and is most commonly split into weeks and then these timeshare or vacation ownership weeks are often subject to registered leases in Thailand or legal ownership title deeds typically found in real estate.

There are other timeshare programs which do not include such a property interest in real estate but are structured more like a club membership. How you actually use your timeshare vacation is generally not affected by the absence or presence of a real estate interest as long as the client receives the use of what he has actually purchased, i.e. one or two weeks of vacations for the next thirty years in a certain unit size sleeping either 2, 4 or up to 6 people.

These types of accommodation packages are priced according to a variety of factors, including size of unit, resort amenities, location and season of use. You own the vacation accommodation but only for the amount of time you choose typically one or two weeks each year. See
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