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Phuket apartments refer to multiple dwellings within a single building.

Depending on what part of the world you're from, they are otherwise known as "flats", "units" or "condominiums".

In Phuket the term "apartments" refers to upmarket condominiums. In many instances the only difference is the price.

Needless to say there are 1000's of apartment blocks in Phuket available to buy or rent either long or short term with the majority being found along the West Coast, the South, Phuket Town, and more recently the central areas of the Island

Additionally, these apartments can be broken down into "serviced apartments" and "self catered apartments".

Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are marketed using a variety of terms, which basically all refer to the same thing, a fully furnished and equipped apartment that's ready to move into.

Look out for the following terms to spot a serviced apartment – corporate housing, apartment–hotels, temporary rentals, interim housing, short–term accommodation or business rentals.

Serviced apartments are completely furnished including telephones, video, colour satellite TV, all linen, towels, cutlery, crockery, kitchen utensils, microwave and cooker, a washer–dryer, iron and ironing board and usually a dishwasher.

Each apartment usually offers a maid service, which is typically 5 days a week and the linen is changed at least once a week. Additional services are always available for an extra charge.

The more upmarket serviced apartment blocks have car parking facilities, gyms, swimming pools and business or conference facilities. Most serviced apartments have direct dial telephones and some have fax and modem facilities.

If you're thinking of renting, stays can be as short as a single night or years. There's generally no minimum or maximum stay.

If you're thinking of buying to rent out your property, apartments give good rental returns, since a serviced apartment, with good facilities has more space, facilities and activities than a comparably priced hotel, and is popular with tourists, particularly families.

If you would like to book a serviced Phuket apartment vacation, the guys at Benelux Inn Phuket or Thai Stay have extensive rental listings.

If you're looking for apartment real estate specialists to buy an apartment, Phuket Ocean Villas can usually be counted on to have a large range of apartments for sale.

Self Catered Apartments

Self Catered apartments in Phuket for rent are usually available from private owners, and the market is not as well organised as the serviced apartment sector.

However, they are a good deal cheaper, and range from rather basic facilities, through to a fully provisioned home ready to move into, without the maid and associated services.

Because they are usually rented by the apartment owners, finding self catered apartments can be more difficult.

Sometimes adverts can be found at MoveAndStay and

If you would like to buy a Phuket apartment in a self catered complex, the guys at PhuketPropertyHunter should be able to help you.

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