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Phuket Villas

Phuket Villas

Phuket Villas - Strictly speaking, the term "villa" refers to groups of free-standing homes ranging from 1 bedroom studios to 5 & 6 bedroom luxury homes.

Typically, "true" villas in Phuket are situated in managed compounds and are more expensive than apartments or condominium units, principally because of the land area a villa occupies.

The term "villa" however, has been somewhat muddied over the years, since you will often find upmarket condominiums described as villas to associate prestige with the development and justify the price.

So, villas in Phuket these days, generally refers to groups of free standing homes of various size and quality, the more expensive condominiums, and semi–detached properties with 1 or 2 common walls surronding them.

Managed sea view and sea front villas on 1,300 to 2,900 m2 land plots, such as the Trisara Phase C, cost between 110 – 220 million Baht.

The Crowne Plaza Residence is an example of mid–priced villas. It consists of condominium units managed by the hotel, only meters from the beach, and they are selling for 13–15 million baht.

For a real bargain, lovely ocean view villas can be had for as little as 4 million baht in the Chalong Bay area.

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