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Phuket Architects

Phuket Architects often form part of an overall property development team.

This can include Surveyors, Developers, Builders, Interior Designers and Specialist Consultants including Project Managers.

Large Phuket architectural firms often employ many of these professionals under the one roof and offer turn–key developments across a range of property types including luxury villas, resorts and multi and single family developments.

Depending on your priorities, the Architect can be your first point of contact.

In this case, you get to choose your Architect and they will suggest the other members of the team.

This is the best way to go if the design and liveability of your Phuket home is your highest priority.

Architects are also the people to see first if you want your Phuket property redesigned.

The Phuket Architect / Surveyor Connection

When buying land, whether it has been previously developed or not, the very first step is to get a reputable Surveyor.

Surveyors are essential. They will tell you if the surrounding developments encroach on your proposed purchase and visa-versa.

They will also determine if the property has been surveyed before and identify the land title classification, who owns the land and what it's land-use restrictions are.

Another advantage of a good Surveyor is, they will often identify development potential you may have overlooked, and so provide you with more development options.

Just last week we heard of a chap who bought beach-front land only to find out he could not build on it. He had paid a premium because of the location, and needless to say he was devastated.

Serious oversights like this are just inexcusable.

Once you are happy with the survey, your Surveyor should be able to advise a good Architect, and if you have gone to an Architect initially, make sure they suggest a reputable Surveyor at the outset.

Phuket Architectural Design

Phuket Architects favour the use of concrete and stone in the exterior of their designs, as wood and steel suffer badly in Phuket's tropical climate.

This is not to say that Phuket property and homes need to be restricted in their design, they don't.

Almost any design can be catered for in concrete and stone, and almost any natural finish can be mimicked using modern materials to blend in with your surroundings.

Bear this in mind when advising your Architect and specifying your requirements or your maintenance costs will soar and your resale value will plummet.

Of course, the interior of your dream home can consist of just about anything. You can have ornate wooden beams, glass, steel, aluminium, what ever you want to make the place your own.

A good architect will design what ever you want.

To help you decide if a particular Architect has the right sort of design flair to cater to your specific requirements, have a look at their portfolio before deciding to retain them.

However, having said that, there is no point having a house, apartment, villa or condominium block designed if you can't get permission to build what you want on the land.

We can't stress this enough, get a qualified Surveyor to take a look at any land / property you are planning to buy.

You can contact one either through an Architect or through any of the other Phuket property service providers.

Having an Architect designed home is almost everybody's dream, so if you are going to get Phuket Architects to design your Phuket property, make them the central member of the project planning, building and management team.

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