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Phuket Property Builders – Tips for finding the right one

Phuket Property Builders

The Phuket property builders you decide to get to build your dream property invariably depends on the size of your proposed property.

However, regardless of who they say they are, their credentials should be painstakingly checked and double checked.

We suggest your lawyer draws up some form of foolproof document, in Thai and English, which ensures the builder you choose, sticks to their contractual obligations.

This cannot be overstated, since there's so much work for the small local Phuket property builders, that they often work on many jobs at once, and only show up when THEY feel it is necessary.

It is also not unknown for them to say "we no work here anymore" when the job is 80% paid for, and looks like it will take a lot of time consuming snagging to complete.

At the time of writing, we know of someone who is paying 15,000 Baht per month to stay in a hotel because his new house is not yet completed as per the agreed completion date.

This has been going on for 5 months and all because he paid his Phuket property builder up–front and most probably neglected to get his lawyer to draw up the contract.

Ask around and you may come across someone like our pal Bill.

When he's not house or boat sitting, he regularly supervises building sites using the experience he gained from building 4 of his own.

So, our advice here is to look around for a property similar to what you propose building, and take advice from there.

Thai labour and local building materials are inexpensive by Western standards, but beware of imported materials, as import tax often makes the price prohibitive.

With the local low salary structure, commission here is a way of life. Even the Police get commissions on their fines, so don't be surprised if your foreman, or friendly advisor, gets a commission from your suppliers.

Check them out personally, because quality often drops, especially when the person receiving the commission knows your budget.

Major residential housing projects, normally have their own contractors or even building companies, so you will not be directly involved in the building process.

However, if the firm has cut corners to save money, you may be on the receiving end of leaking roofs, doors that don't fit properly and concrete that crumbles.

This is particularly common on sites where there has been no "Farrang" supervision and snagging often goes on for months.

So, if you are buying a property off–plan or a duplex in a newly finished development, be sure to find out which Phuket property builder actually built the complex, and get a property inspection done to make sure it's not going to fall apart in the near future.

Moving into a new house can be very frustrating if you find that you have to spend a lot of time waiting on Mr. fix this and fix that, not to mention the expense.

None of the comments made here are meant to be off putting, this is all about being cautious and taking some time and thought before making any decisions.

On a positive note, when your choice of builder is eventualy made and work begins, you will be amazed at what is capable of being constructed by Thai builders. If you have any particular ideas on a spectacular design feature for example, ask first before dismissing the idea as "not possible".

One last thing, while you are doing your homework on your Phuket property builder, or even during the building process, be cheerful and patient. We Phuket ex-pats have a saying, TIT (This is Thailand), meaning it's just one more unavoidable part of life in The Land of Smiles...

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