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Phuket Property Building Supplies

The small but experienced Expatriate developer gets his/her building supplies locally, and surprisingly often buys things like baths, sinks, showers etc, from supermarkets such as Tesco–Lotus.

This is due to the fact that language and culture plays a big part in sourcing home building supplies in Phuket, and at the fixed-price supermarket, it's just a case of pointing out exactly what you want.

Companies such as PSD (Project Supplies Direct) which is run by expatriates, will normally give much better prices if you need to source several things at once, and will also be in a position to recommend reputable installers.

Additionally, they supply everything from timber to marble, washers to prefabricated kitchens and everything else in between.

Phuket Property Building Supplies – Availability

Just about everything you need to build or renovate a Phuket property is available in Phuket, but the price and quality varies to a degree unheard of in the West.

Chinese and Thai made goods tend to be "cheap and cheerful".

For example, you can get locally made shower units here, which seem like excellent value, until the dirty local tap water blocks the heads and the whole unit needs replacing because it's moulded out of one piece.

Western imports are often double or even treble the local prices because of hefty import taxes.

But if you are looking for quality and reliability, this is often your only option, and because they last up to 4 or 5 times longer, they're cheaper in the long run anyway.

Phuket Property Building Supplies – Locality

There's no shortage of importers and building supply companies around Phuket Island.

The majority are situated in the South of Phuket, around Phuket Town and it is worth shopping around for the best discount.

It's advisable to take someone with you who speaks Thai, but preferably not a Thai National as your discount could easily end up as his or her commission.

Phuket Property Building Supplies – Logistics

When buying building supplies, try your best to make deliveries coincide with your building program.

It's not uncommon for home builders to see their expensive windows broken whilst they lie around for weeks waiting to be put in.

It's also common for bags of cement to mysteriously disappear from the building site, and if you don't notice this, Thais will quite happily work with a weakened mix, with no thought of the repercussions.

Also, if left to their own devices, a Thai Foreman will normally opt for Thai materials from a source where they know they will receive the best commission.

This is because wages in Thailand are so low that just about everyone is looking for a secondary income through back–hander's to the point where "commissions" are a way of life.

That's why it always pays to have Expatriate Foremen on site all day, everyday if you want Your Phuket home built to Western standards.

Phuket Property Building Supplies – Exterior Considerations

Due to the fact that Phuket is in the wet tropics, concrete and stone are the primary exterior building materials used throughout the Island.

If you use softwoods and steel externally, they won't last, so don't.

Hardwoods and marble, which look fantastic, are frequently used in Phuket for staircases and kitchens etc. as the price, although rising steadily, is considerably lower than its Western equivalent.

This is because much of it is locally sourced or imported from Malaysia or Myanmar (Burma).

For more exotic materials, you will have to go through the many importers around Phuket, but be aware, delivery times may be slow.

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