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Phuket Property Developers

Phuket Property Developers – Here's your guide to the types of developers operating on the Island.

There's every conceivable type of property developer here in Phuket.

They range from the lone ex-pat builder working virtually on his own building a single house at a time, to huge and massively expensive golf / marina and timeshare developments.

Development in Phuket is so vast, due to demand, that developers from all over the world are now situated here.

Initially they targeted the luxury end of the market.

But more recently, they seem to be aiming at the mid to lower end by developing condominiums, of which there are many, to the point where luxury properties are again in short supply.

Phuket Developers – The Different Types

There are 4 basic types of Phuket property developer.

Firstly, at the exclusive end of the market there are the hotel complexes, luxurious villas and apartments.

One of the most prestigious developers catering for this "high end" requirement is Indigo.

They currently have three major developments on the market right now, these are namely Bluepoint Condominiums near Paradise Beach in Patong, next is The Natai and then The Sava, although not strictly Phuket, they are just 10 minutes off the island on the stunning Natai Beach in Phang Nga province.

With the exception of our 6 golf courses, The Boat Lagoon and The Royal Phuket Marina, most of these larger developments are situated on the West Coast near the beaches and the night life of Patong, which takes advantage of the spectacular sunsets.

It's in this area that you will find the Lotus–Trinity development called Kamala Falls This is a luxury residential resort built on the site of a natural water fall and having amazing views out across the Andaman sea.

Secondly, there are the condominium developers who are converting low-rises into high-rises anywhere there's a view.

In this category you will find the timeshare, "off-plan" and the more standard type of development that's affordable for most people.

Chalong Bay View Condominiums is a good example of this type of development. These condos are selling now starting at 3.9 million Baht with views over (you guessed it), Chalong Bay.

The third type of development, includes the residential Phuket property developers. They are developing villas of all kinds and 1, 2 and 3 storey apartment houses, built in medium to large housing schemes often around a water feature.

As these projects take up considerable amounts of land, they are typically found in the South, such as Chalong, Nai Harn, Cape Phanwa and in the North, around Surin and the Thalang area, where land is more freely available.

The 4th type of developer is the local Thai builder who specialises in two storey shop houses, which are are as common as coconut palms. Thai developers are also developing apartment housing projects in the more secluded and isolated areas.

Phuket Developers – Where They're Not

For those who wish a more sedate way of life, the quieter parts of the island are very slowly being developed as the infrastructure improves, allowing access, water and electricity.

At the moment, these projects are mostly Thai built, and, in the short term, don't have the investment potential of the previously mentioned developments.

That said, many ex-pat friends have moved into this type of housing project and have been left with considerable amounts of change after selling their old properties in the more popular parts of the island, where demand is at a premium.

Although building is going on at a rapid pace, being an Island, there will come a time when land for building will become difficult if not impossible to obtain for Phuket property developers (unless you want to redevelop the land), and land prices are now seriously beginning to reflect this fact.

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