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Phuket Property Interior Designers – Tips For Finding The Right One

Phuket Property Interior Designers

Phuket Property Interior Designers – If you want your Phuket home to reflect your dream of living in paradise, an interior designer is a good investment.

Interior designers will advise you on everything from furniture to fittings, curtains to colour schemes and everything in between.

Several local companies have impressive portfolios including RnR Decor, Shahe Donabedian's Palace of Art and Alex of LEK Kanboa Co. Ltd.

Alex speaks fluent Thai along with English, French and his native Portuguese.

Get to know your designer, but more importantly, let him / her get to know you, and they'll save you money in the long term since they get trade prices.

Also, let them know your budget and you should find you get better results overall than if you go–it on your own.

Thai Style Interior Design

Most Thai people are very superstitious and also believe in "Feng Shui" as an important interior design concept.

Recently a good friend of ours returned from a short business trip to find his business premises literarily covered in mirrors.

His Thai wife explained that the company behind them had gone into liquidation and that a fortune teller had advised her to install the mirrors to reflect away the bad luck.

When asked where she had bought the mirrors, she replied, "from the fortune teller's husband". Needless to say, the mirrors didn't last long, and surprise surprise, his business is still doing very well, thank you.

That story aside, depending on your tastes and personality, any one of the 3 companies mentioned above can certainly help you with adding the finishing touches to your home.

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