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Phuket Property Managers – The level of Phuket property management services available to property owners varies from very basic to comprehensive depending on your situation.

There are a number of reputable Phuket property management companies to choose from including CB Richard Ellis, Siam Home Care, Andrew Park Property Management Services, Phuket Investments and Ayudhya Real Estate.

Often these companies services are grouped into…

• Tenanted Services or
• Owner Services

And you can choose between…

• Basic,
• Standard or
• Deluxe Packages

depending on how much of the management you want the company to take responsibility for.

Property Managers – The Basic Tennanted Package

Usually a basic tenanted property management contract will include…

• Advertising the property,
• Checking on the property whilst it's vacant,
• Vetting and selecting a tennant, and
• Paying the property's utility bills.

Typically, Phuket property management firms charge around 3000 – 5000 Baht for this level of service.

Property Managers – The Standard Tenanted Package

The standard tenant package should also include all the liaison and handling of the tenancy, including…

• The lease agreement,
• Property inspections before, during and after the tenancy,
• An inventory check,
• Collection and disbursement of rental monies,
• Monitoring the tenancy insurance status,
• Organising maintenance people when required,
• A statement of accounts, and
• Restocking the premises between tenants if appropriate.

A package including these property management services should cost you somewhere between 4000 – 6000 Baht a month.

Property Managers – Extra Services

Additional property management services are usually charged on top of the basic and standard packages at a rate determined by you and your property manager.

Additional services may also include…

• Paying general invoices,
• Pest control,
• Maid services,
• Cooking,
• Gardening,
• Laundry service,
• Pool maintenance,
• Security,
• Baby-sitting,
• Shopping,
• Airport transfers,
• Car rental, and
• Other specialist services.

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