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Retirement In Phuket The Stress Free Way

Retirement In Phuket

Retirement in Phuket – Within 6 months of arriving in Phuket I can honestly say I felt 20 years younger, and that was 20 years ago!

It may be due to the outdoor lifestyle, because coming from Scotland the weather often makes us Jocks prisoners in our own homes but overall the climate here is totally conducive to stress free living.

Retirement in Phuket      Retirement in Phuket

Although Phuket is probably the most expensive region in Thailand, living costs still compare very favourably with European prices and as a smoker I can indulge my filthy habit of 40 years without breaking the bank, even though the exchange rate has recently taken a nose dive.

To qualify for a retirement visa (non–immigrant O/A) you should be a minimum of 50 yeas of age on the date of filling in your application.

This requires that you can provide evidence that you have a yearly income of no less than 800,000 Baht. This can be cash held in a Thai bank account (minimum 3 months) or a combination of a proven monthly income plus a bank account amounting to 800,000 Baht per annum.

You will also need confirmation that you have no criminal record, which can be obtained from your local police in your country of residence.

Diseases such as TB, leprosy, elephantiasis, syphilis and drug addiction will prohibit entry into the Kingdom and if you intend to work, don't apply for a retirement visa, as it's a deportable offence.

Retirement in Phuket Most major cities have a Thai Consulate or Embassy and they are usually quite helpful and will give you a list of the paperwork required, as I have only outlined the main stumbling blocks above.

When you arrive with your new retirement visa, be aware that it has to be renewed (extended) on a yearly basis and that you will have to report to the immigration office every 90 days where your passport will be stamped for a further 90 days.

It has been heard of, in certain circumstances, that this can be done by mail. Personally I would try to avoid this option as the mail here is about as reliable as a chocolate fire guard !!

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Happy Retirement in Phuket

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