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Phuket Homes in Chalong – Overview

Phuket Homes in Chalong – In 1999 – 2000 the old Chalong pier was upgraded to a half mile long concrete affair, which breathed new life into the sea sports business and Chalong Town.

Additionally, behind the scenes and off the main roads, home building has been going on, and continues to go on at a furious pace to keep up with the housing demands of an ever increasing population.

Away from Chalong pier, not many businesses cater for the tourism industry, since Chalong is the main commercial centre for the area.

As such, ironmongers and blacksmiths outnumber hot–dog and T–shirt stalls, and Lord be praised, Chalong doesn't have a McDonald's.

Although, there is a Police Station and the only Post Office in the southern part of the island.

Currently (October 2008), a brand new Shopping Plaza, Plaza Dracaena, is being built, which should further reduce the need to travel to Phuket Town for serious retail therapy.

Opened in August 2008, we now have a Tescos sub–branch along with a new bakery and Siam Commercial Bank in a new moderately sized plaza, a mere 5 kilometers from Chalong town.

Commercially, businesses which needed large amounts of "cheap" land arrived in Chalong when it was cheap.

These include the Zoo, the Shooting Range and the Riding Club.

Today, land prices have escalated quite dramatically although in relation to Patong, Karon and Kata, Chalong is still considered good value.

Please note, the area suffers quite badly from traffic problems in the morning and evening peak periods.

This is due to a tiny roundabout in Ha Yaek, (meaning five ways) Chalong Town, which is woefully ill equipped to handle the traffic demands during peak periods.

The latest update on this particular subject is that it was recently decided by the powers that be, to remove the roundabout altogether and install traffic lights, also re–routing traffic leaving the road from Chalong pier.

Everybody in the area is keen to see how this modification will develop and we will keep you updated as it does.

Phuket Homes in Chalong – Property to Buy

There are quite a number of small homes, often above businesses, built by Thai entrepreneurs, that can be "bought" or rather leased on a 30 year basis, very cheaply.

Prices for these start around 600,000 Baht.

Currently, there is only one condominium development in Chalong, this being called Chalong Bay View Condominiums, with prices starting around 4 million Baht.

Houses and villas in estates like Phuket Andaman Tropical Home, Phuket Private Lagoon, Baan Ratchamaka and the prestigious Land & House development are all in great demand providing every conceivable appliance, widget and amenity you could want.

Prices for houses and villas start at around 6 million Baht, however the luxury homes can be as high as 30 million Baht, and possibly more.

Phuket Homes in Chalong – Property to Rent

Starting at the lower end of Chalong's property rental market, you can rent a very modest apartment for around 4,500 Baht per month on a long term agreement.

A small, single bedroom Thai style house can be rented for around 10,000 Baht per month, around 20,000 Baht for a two bedroom house without pool.

A three bedroom house with a pool will set you back 30,000 Baht plus per month.

For a sea view over Chalong Bay, expect to pay a 30% premium.

You can view our Chalong property listings here.

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